When You and Your Husband Don’t Agree

I don’t have anything terribly original in this post. Rather, I’d like to point you to an excellent post by blogger Stephanie Langford at “Keeper of the Home.”

Her post is about what to do if your husband isn’t in complete agreement with your plans to eat healthier food. This is so practical! (And someone added a comment at the end about getting teenagers to eat better.)

But honestly, this applies to lots of areas in our marriages. What do you do if your husband doesn’t like the methods you’re using in your homeschooling? What about if you don’t agree on a church to attend? What about the worst possible situation, when you aren’t in agreement on spiritual matters?

I highly recommend her post! I agree with her solutions, because I think she’s trying to look at things from God’s perspective.


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  1. It is certainly a wonderful blessing when a husband and wife agree.
    However, there will be times that you won’t agree on something. But that is not the end of the world. I think that we all know the answer to this one. We communicate. A lot of misunderstandings, suspicions can easily be taken care of if we talk sensibly and kindly to each other. I would like to say we are all perfect and don’t have any disagreement on things, but 2 people look at things differently. Some have to think longer about a decision, some have to make quicker decisions. Some people don’t want to make decisions at all. The ideal situation is always to communicate….communicate with God. Praying to God and praying with your husband is a true blessing.

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