My Coffee Break Ezine

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For four years, our family prepared a special email once a week that was delivered to over 2700 women. It was filled with Scripture and practical ideas to help them become a better wife, mom, and friend. (We recommended a hot cup of coffee to go with it — so that’s how it got its name!)

However, God has been leading our family in new directions, and in order to keep our own priorities in order, we just don’t have time to send an ezine each week.

I still write blog posts in my “spare time,” both here and over at Homeschooling Bible. Thanks to technology, you can still receive all my new blog posts in your inbox for free. I just can’t guarantee it’ll be once a week.

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“I love reading your posts. I always find some piece of gold to help me through the week!” — Annie

“Many thanks for your kindness sharing. You inspire me more and more to do my best as a mother, wife.” — a reader from Indonesia

“Your emails are the first thing I check for every morning!” — Becky